Today in the city Fern Forest 25.06.2018
Lava flow stalls, sparing Hawaii geothermal plant from more damage

HONOLULU (Reuters) - A lava flow from Hawaii's erupting Kilauea volcano that damaged a geothermal power station has stalled, as have lava fountains gushing 100 feet (30 meters) into the air, offering...

Gordon Hayward Has No Timetable for Return from Injury, Per Danny Ainge

Gordon Hayward played just five minutes during the 2017-18 season before a leg injury cost him the rest of the year. But there is still "no firm timetable" for his return to the court, per Chris Mann...

What They Forgot To Tell You In School About Getting The Right Answer

You've been trained from your earliest school days to produce the right answer. And that's a problem for you now! Here is why.

Virgilio Martinez To Open First Restaurant In Asia-- Ichu Peru In Hong Kong

Virgilio Martinez of award-winning Central in Peru will be opening his first restaurant in Asia, Ichu Peru, in Hong Kong this July.

DeskView: Hands On With The World's First Window-Mounted Standing Desk

So you want the health benefits of a standing desk, but don’t have the space. DeskView is an innovative solution, the world’s first window-mounted standing desk.

'Truly just devastating stories': The bleak outlook from inside Venezuela's deepening crises

Venezuela has been riven by protracted political and economic crises that have prompted mass protests and sparked a wave of migration. Venezuelans have fled throughout the region, with some going as f...

Trade Negotiations With Our Neighbors Should Put U.S. Business Interests First

By modernizing NAFTA in a way that safeguards American business interests and reflects changes in North America's trade landscape over the past 24 years, President Trump can make good on his promise t...

Hero climbs building to save toddler dangling from balcony

Incredible footage shows a fearless man scaling a Paris building to save a four-year-old boy dangling from a balcony.

First, Plastic Bags. Now, Plastic Straw Bans Are Prompting Restaurants To Look At Alternatives

First, plastic bags came under scrutiny from environmentalists. Now, it's plastic straws. Ban talk is gaining speed as restaurants search for alternatives.

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